Muir Woods National Park – Hiking: The Main Trail

As its name suggests, the Main Trail is the one that most visitors come to see. Setting on the main trail would require you to walk at least 2 miles and a climb of around 120 feet. The hike or walk through this trail is fairly easy as it is wide and level. Provisions were also made for wooden board walks. Entering the Main trail one would not immediately see the majestic redwoods that the parks boasts of. Further along the way will you be able to see the much denser growth of redwoods and some other trees.

The Main Trail consists of four bridges that take you from one part of the park to another and some would lead you to another trail that could lead you away from Muir Woods into a second –growth forest. After crossing the third bridge, the trail is divided and one enters the Cathedral Grove.  Once you have reached the fourth bridge you would be hiking back and usually visitors take the same route they took coming in although there is another option the Hillside Trail.

The Hillside Trail is not as enchanting as the Main Trail but it offers a different view of the forest. Other trails also include the Ben Johnson Trail, a much steeper trail and looks much like a worn out trail is cut into a hillside. It is in this trail that one can see the old-growth redwood uplands.

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