Muir Woods National Park – Redwood Creek Nursery Event

In line with the restoration efforts at the Redwood watershed, the Muir Woods National Park is accepting volunteers either individuals, groups or family to join them in planting and growing at least 15,000 container plants and 5,000 divisions. The nursery is located within Redwood creek watershed just downstream from the Muir Woods National Monument.

Aside from growing plants, the nursery is also helping in the protection of the endangered coho salmon and steelhead trout at Muir Beach. To further enhance habitat diversity around the Dias Ridge Trail, the nursery is also into growing small plants.

Volunteers are needed for the collection of seeds, divisions and cuttings, seed cleaning, transplanting, pruning, weeding, and plant care and nursery maintenance. Although registration is not required to volunteer, registration is encouraged. For group volunteers of five members or more, special arrangements and confirmation must be made in advance. The Redwood Creek Nursery accepts volunteers ages 10 and above however, children below 18 must have a signed parent or guardian form, and all volunteers are required to submit the signed volunteer waiver form. It is also necessary for volunteers to wear comfortable clothing, bring their own water bottle and sunscreen. Tools and trainings will be provided by the nursery.

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