Muir Woods National Park – Muir Beach Overlook

The Muir Beach Overlook is a cliff side park along State Route 1 driving north to San Francisco, California.  It has several base-end stations that were used by the military during the war to locate the positions of attacking enemy naval ships. These stations became a very important military facility after the attack at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in December 7, 1941 as it was believed that California would soon be the next target of the Japanese Imperial Army. These base-end stations soon became obsolete with the introduction and eventual use of the radar to detect the positions of enemy ships and aircrafts.  Today, base-end stations such as the ones found at Muir Beach Overlook are open to visitors. Entering these so-called “war ruins,” visitors could get a glimpse of how it was like for the military personnel stationed there.

Aside from these base-end stations, visitors at Muir Beach Overlook can also view the Pacific Oceanside cliffs and if the weather permits it, one can see an overview of San Francisco. Between November and June, it is most exciting to visiting Muir Beach Overlook as one would get to see the magnificent migration of the great blue whales.

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