Muir Woods National Park an Overview

Muir Woods National Park was named after John Muir, a naturalist of Scottish and American descent and one of the pioneers of wilderness preservation in the United States.  In the year 1905, William and Elizabeth Kent bought 611 acres of wild forest land in Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County with the desire to preserve the unlogged redwoods. This was eventually donated to the Federal government in 1908 to help in its preservation. The then president Theodore Roosevelt suggested that the park be named after the Kents instead of John Muir, but William humbly turned down the proposal of the president saying that it does not seem appropriate to put in one’s name on a donated property as it may give the impression that it was still open to be purchased. President Roosevelt saw the logic in William Kent’s reply and approved that the park be named after John Muir, the initial choice of the spouse William and Elizabeth Kent.

Though the park is accessible by car, park administrators strongly urge visitors to take the available park shuttle service as this is more convenient. Parking spaces at the park is very limited and it does not have any provisions for vehicles exceeding 35 feet long and for RVs.  The path going to the park is both steep and winding and may prove to be difficult especially for people used to city driving.

The park is open every day including holidays at 8 in the morning. Visitors may get an annual pass for USD$ 20.00 per person otherwise tickets sell for USD$ 7.00 for adults and for children 15 years below, entrance is for free. It is always an asset for a visitor to plan their visit to any place and Muir Woods National park offers a variety of places to go to and things to do.

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