Muir Woods National Park – Visitor Center, Café and Gift Shop

At the entrance of the Muir Woods National Park, is the Visitor Center. The center has a vast array of exhibits, information and literature about Muir Woods. It is best to visit this place not only to get your tickets or passes before embarking on a journey at Muir Woods because it is  through this establishment that you would be able to get an overview of what is in store for you at Muir Woods. The center is a vast resource of information for the visitor. Literature not only includes brochures and maps but also books and other items especially chosen to help in increasing your knowledge about the park but also its role in today’s environment.

The Visitor Center is operated by the non-profit organization partner of the park – The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Also near the entrance, visitors can find the café and gift shop operated by the Muir Woods Trading Company. It is the business’ commitment to maintain eco-friendly business practices by using only locally sourced organic foods. The gift shop also offers locally made and sustainable redwood gifts, and Native American-made jewelries.

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