Muir Woods National Park – The Bicentennial Tree

Among the gigantic redwoods in Muir Woods, is a young and small redwood called ‘The Bicentennial Tree.” This tree compared to its brothers and sisters is quite small and does not really command that much attention with a diameter of only two feet. What makes it special is that it is believed to have been planted in the year 1776, the same year that the United States of America was established. In front of the tree is a plaque that simply read “Bicentennial Tree” and a few words as a tribute to the 200 years of existence of the United States of America.

It is quite thrilling to see a tree that has withstood the test of time such as the ravages of both nature and man, the influx of industrialization, and the proliferation of environmental carnage as much as the country on which its roots have deeply taken hold of.


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